Hello there and welcome to my blog!
Who am I you ask?

Well, I…let’s call me Kleos (I’ve always wanted a Greek name)….and this…this blog is something I first envisioned almost a decade ago at the age of 16.

Why did I take so long to start?

Initially, this blog was meant to document the making of a new man…a new me. It was to permanently record the process by which I completely erased the identity others had imposed upon me and fully claimed my identity as a transgender man; balls and all. The commencement date was to have been the day I started my hormone therapy, but increasingly of late, I have been battling with the desire to write. Not for myself, no, heavens forbid. But for other transgender men who feel like they are alone in their struggle, for those who wish they had a role model, or a mentor.

I cannot honestly nor comfortably profess to have any, much less all of the answers particular to our struggle, but I believe it is important to share my experiences because someone, out there somewhere, might just need to read what it is I have published here. I have been repeatedly reminded of this lately – of how important visibility is and how important it is to share our stories, lest we have a single story being written for us by others; and also just how much the trans community in Jamaica, more specifically our trans men, need support from other trans men. I’ve also come to the realization that if we keep waiting on things to happen to spur us into action regarding achieving our desires, then we’ll be waiting all our lives and wonder why it never happened. Well, it never happened because we never did anything…except wait that is.

And so ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, (heaven knows I’ve already kept you waiting long enough) let us delve into the mind and heart of the other gentleman.


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